Project Process

At Scene Marketing, we offer a unique success formula for every client project.
First Step

Client Brief

Every project begins with an on or off-site evaluation session with full report and project charter. Once the charter is approved, we finalize the client contract together. If you’re is new to SMG, Shannon also provides an onboarding deck to help you get started on the right foot.

Second Step

Brand Development

The second phase of a project focuses on project development workshops. Depending upon the scope of the project, this may also include staff training and videos. Education is an essential component of Shannon’s services, giving SMG clients a great breadth of knowledge to make informed decisions.

Third Step


As we move into readying your plan for execution, SMG uses the information gathered during the brand development stage and applies that data to cost and risk reduction strategies, building a plan based on your core business goals, mission, vision, and values.

Fourth Step

Marketing Execution

Finally, Shannon focuses on creating and executing on identified tactics, bolstered by research, such as website design, marketing campaigns, and digital tools like social media sites and email blasts. SMG’s marketing capabilities are robust and Shannon also provides consulting support, team training, event coordination, and more.