About The Project

The Concept, The Client &

The Challenge

During a recent professional interview, SMG owner Shannon Pratuch was asked, “What is your next level goal for Scene Marketing?” Her response was, “The opportunity to apply all of our resources, experience, and skills to help an entire community.” And that’s what she did. Back in October 2016, Shannon helped co-found the non-profit organization, Washougal Round Table. Based on the core values of sustainability, innovation, and people, WRT’s core focus is to take on tactical urbanism initiatives, short-term projects that lead to positive long-term change. A group of local leaders from a wide-variety of backgrounds were assembled to form a core development committee team. The first formative months focused on walking the members through the basics of brand strategy, vision, mission, values, organizational infrastructure, and brand identity, website design, and logo development. In just two and a half short months, this 100% volunteer-based group had a start-up off the ground and were ready to take on their first tactical urbanism project.

Creating Change

«I want to leave a legacy of innovation that positively impacts an entire community.»

Passion is Our Mission

The Result: A Future

for Small Town America

The Washougal Round Table non-profit group is heavily supported by SMG’s efforts via our core beliefs of intelligent, action-oriented contribution to society as a whole. One of our many goals is to document and build a model that can be replicated in other small communities across the nation. Shannon donates a portion of SMG’s revenues to this cause every month, with the unique perspective that innovation married with compassion creates purposeful, positive growth. Shannon aims to be accessible to everyone, teaching the fundamentals of her work to small and large organizations alike, pure in intention, and courageous in heart.

Approachable Branding

Fun, Smart &


SMG supports Washougal Round Table as a full-service agency. One of the first visual projects we collaborated on together was the brand identity. Washougal is a bedroom community of Portland, Oregon. We opted for a simple but fun and hip logo reminiscent of the modern designs coming out of that creative hub. The mountains, river, and trees represent Washougal’s beautiful location. And the town hall and buildings on the water-front signify WRT’s tactical urbanism efforts to build up our community, both residents and businesses. A full suite of tools such as a brand guide, social media graphics, and digital presentations helped round out the brand identity package.

Accessible Design

Beautiful, Functional &


SMG chose to build Washougal Round Table’s website on the Squarespace platform. This user-friendly space allows WRT’s members easy access to make changes, add content, and share news without the challenges of other more complicated programs. When Shannon offers solutions to her clients, she does so with a long-term strategy in mind. Ease of use, accessibility, and low or no-cost resources is of particular importance for this start-up non-profit.

Alex Yost, WRT team member

«You have an understanding of all the ingredients at the table and a vision for your final flavors. There will be moments of joy, unexpected challenge and compromise along the way. You know it will take time and that the end result will be absolutely worth sharing.»