The Client

What The Brand Needed

The Jupiter Hotel first approached SMG for social media support, which later blossomed into an eight-year-long full-service relationship. At the time, their only online social presence was a defunct 25-member Facebook page started by a front desk agent and an in-house email newsletter published via Word. The hotel had the promise to be a great brand – and the guts and brainpower to achieve a whole new level of success. With no previous formal agency support, branding, strategy or marketing personnel, the Jupiter Hotel was ready for a big change. After quickly understanding the scope and capabilities of SMG, Shannon expanded her services for the Jupiter Hotel into brand and market strategy, media & partner relations, PR, event management, graphic design, digital communications, and more.

The Challenge

What We Did

Together, we created a story. The Jupiter Hotel’s origin story is connected to when and where the property was built, a vibrant 1960’s counter culture of disenchanted and disenfranchised individuals seeking a social and political revolution in Portland, Oregon. Every six to eight months, SMG launched a new marketing campaign that consistently put the Jupiter Hotel on the map nationally and internationally, garnering press from around the world. Shannon’s strategy focused on every aspect of the hotel, including sales and operations, where she continually evolved the property’s brand to meet the ever-growing needs and demands of Portland’s tourism market. Consistency, quality, authenticity, and action-oriented project management helped the hotel achieve significant growth year over year.

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First Step

Brand & Marketing Strategy

When Shannon takes on a project, she is completely committed and passionate about the work. One of the many ways SMG proves this commitment is through quality reporting. At the end of each calendar year, Shannon carefully assessed the global tourism industry environment, local industry trends, and researched early adopter opportunities. Through the use of cost & risk reduction project charters, SMG provided the Jupiter Hotel a retrospective annual report as well as a 12-month campaign plan every year. As new partnerships and opportunities inevitably rose to the surface, Shannon got the job done by adapting quickly to create and launch innovative marketing strategies.

Second Step

Creative Direction & Design

Over the course of eight years, the Jupiter Hotel brand experienced visual changes under three different lead graphic designers. The vision for the property is a constant evolution and reflection of the market, its audience, the vision of the business owners, and direction of the creative team. SMG consistently brings to the table innovative solutions, a solid understanding of brand-concept trends, and an authenticity that creates transparency between the customer and the business. Jupiter Hotel design projects ranged from an entire website redesign to logo evolutions, marketing collateral to monthly email newsletter designs, property key cards to photo shoot creative direction.

Third Step

Public Relations

One of the biggest challenges when working with the Jupiter Hotel was keeping a 1964 motor-inn hotel consistently fresh and new to not only to the hotel’s customers but the media as well. Press-worthy campaigns came in the form of unique locally-based partnerships with artisans and makers in the community, custom campaign artwork, and engaging copywriting that spoke to the values and interests of our target audience. Each one of Jupiter Hotel’s public relations campaigns, released at least once per year, included concept and design, copywriting, press release writing and distribution, media and partner relations, pitches, media one sheet design, online and offline supporting advertising, and all campaign collateral.

Fourth Step

Full-Service Marketing Campaign Support

Much like a hotel is available to its customers around the clock, SMG worked non-stop for over eight years to help support the Jupiter Hotel and its staff. Social media and digital communications were a cornerstone of the property’s marketing efforts. With a grassroots marketing budget, the focus was on regularly scheduled, high-quality content that featured local artisans, like-minded boutique properties, events, and promotions. Authentic and pure in intention, Shannon’s campaign support was all inclusive, contributing to the larger picture of tourism in Oregon. SMG’s ongoing goal was to be strategic, little or no-cost, but provide high value in every aspect of the marketing efforts.