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5 PR Tactics Before & During a Business Emergency

Emergency preparedness is something we all think about for our personal lives. But that thought often doesn’t cross our minds for our other ‘home’: the business. Let me start off this series by saying that, with all my heart, I hope you and your team NEVER have to experience a crisis. Unfortunately, a couple of my clients have. And this week’s series focuses on those lessons learned.Also, please understand that this is just a jumping...

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5 Ways You Can Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Part 1 Use a background photo. 📷 Personal branding is more important than ever! In LinkedIn, you have the option to update the background image behind your profile photo. First, let’s go stealth mode. 👻 When you’re updating your LinkedIn profile, your contacts get alerted to every little change. When you’re in edit mode, head to your privacy controls. Turn off activity broadcasts and change the setting for “select who can see your activity feed” to...

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Five Crappy Things Creative Agencies Do

Part 1. Over complicate and overwhelm the client. 🤯 A few examples of this are proposals full of industry jargon meant to make the client feel uneducated and reliant on the agency, dumping significant decisions in the client’s lap without preparation, and rushing the customer through a process that they are unfamiliar with.The solution is one that goes against most major agency models, but therein lies the big problem. A brick & mortar agency is expensive....

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5 Ways to Improve Your Customer Relationships

Tip 1 Ah, it’s the week of l’amour, love, Valentine’s Day!! And what better way to spend the week than by sharing some tips on how to improve your customer relationships. Relationship marketing emphasizes customer retention and satisfaction. The focus is on the person, not the sales transaction.By recognizing the long-term value of your customers, you can avoid interactions that are intrusive advertising and promotional messages. Getting relationship marketing right requires time, empathy, and awareness.“The purpose...

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